Top design trends to learn in 2018

The design is an area with the constant news.

Find out what trends will be in 2018 and get ready to stay ahead!

Like all other areas, the design undergoes subtle changes every year. New trends emerge and some may extend for several years.

So if you are interested in learn design, check out our tips!


With the increasing amount of information available to people on the internet, it is necessary that its content stands out among the others.

In 2018 this remains a necessity!

One way to do this is by using clear, vibrant colors that draw the user’s attention.

But attention is needed! The use of vibrant colors can lead to visual fatigue, which causes people to look the other way as soon as they see their content.

Try to balance vibrant colors harmoniously.


Still talking about colors, a recurring trend since Instagram has completely changed its visual identity is the use of gradients.

Gradients used with vibrant colors can be the perfect combination for a striking and attractive look.


Typography is also a recurring trend, but because it is quite changeable, it never goes out of style.

Just as with the use of colors, and the forecast for 2018 is that these elements attract the attention of the user. So if you’re looking to learn design, invest in large, thick, vibrant fonts.

The most popular typography styles will likely be handwritten, 3D and geometric.


Geometric shapes have been a trend for some time now in design. And that also remains present in 2018.

The forecast for next year, however, is that there will be increased use of more “curved” lines, which result in smoother layouts.

At the same time, in contrast to well-defined geometric shapes, there has been increasing use of hand-drawn illustrations, which should continue strong for 2018.

In addition to giving a more human side to the design, let us explore a more relaxed and friendly look.


the illustrations are great, photos too. Why not join the two?

This is a strong trend in 2018: the mix of styles. Whether using photos and 3D elements or geometric shapes and artistic brushes: the possibilities are many.

This is a great way to innovate in design and create a unique and original layout that stands out from the rest.


Double Exposure is a photography technique that produces beautiful and stunning results, as well as making it possible to portray two photographs in one image.

It’s a trend that became popular with movie posters and album covers. It has been around for some time now and is expected to remain strong in 2018.


3D compositions draw attention since it became possible to do them digitally. Over the years, the technological advance, we have today allows the creation of surreal images that, at the same time, are extremely photorealistic.

In 2018 this became a trend for this year was the beginning of the popularized use of this technique. We have seen some companies migrate their logo to 3D and others using it as a product showcase.

The use of 3D will possibly focus on two categories: color, shapes and monochrome layouts.

Both make the product or object that stand in, focus out enough. In the first, this is done by the contrast between an object and neutral background, while in the second the volume highlighted by the play of light and shadow.

Forecasting trends for the future is never an easy task, since the design is a very changeable area, and anyone looking to learn design needs to be always aware of all the news.

However, looking at how it was 2017 and how we are being 2018, it is safe to say these predictions. 2018 is a year to make your content draw more attention than that of the competitor, and undoubtedly a great chance for all who seek to learn design.

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